Armour Stone & specialty stone from Blue-Con

As specialist stone suppliers to the construction and landscaping trades, at Blue-Con we can source the right stone materials for your special projects. Blue-Con selects, supplies and installs quality quarry stone products such as Armour stone and rip-rap for results that are durable, efficient and timely.

Landscape Improvements with Natural Stone

Blue-Con supplies and installs a range of natural landscaping stone to enhance any municipal, commercial or domestic landscape improvements. Armour stone in particular is suitable for a multitude of landscaping design projects, from culvert retaining and 'beautification' to use as walls, paving stones and flagstones in dramatic back yard treatments.


What is armour stone?

Armour stone is natural quarry stone, chosen for its durability and resistance to wear and erosion. Traditionally, Armour stone is quarried by drilling and blasting, so its final size, shape and quantity could not be guaranteed.

Through advances in air-deck quarrying technology, Blue-Con can now offer Armour stone that is consistent in size, shape and weight, yet looks totally natural. Our flat-topped stones can be easily stacked to create beautiful retaining walls, impressive entrance pillars or gateways, stunning water features, naturalistic rock gardens, or whatever you wish! Armour stone can be particularly pleasing in pool or water environments due to the fossils contained within almost every stone.  

Armour Stone Sizes and Shapes

With a range of sizes from cuboid wall stones to slabs up to four tonnes, you can quickly create impressive features and structures either manually or using heavy machinery.

Blue-Con can deliver your Armour stone direct onto site using our own fleet of vehicles, for fast and efficient service. .

For projects where size consistency is less important but beautification is still required, such as shoreline protection, we source and deliver durable quarry stone rip-rap.


Product List

  • Landscape Stone
    (Assorted Sizing)
  • Semi Shaped Armour Stone (Under 18"-40")
  • Shaped Armour Stone
    (Under 18"-40")
  • Rip-Rap (12-24")
  • Gabion Stone (4-6")



To inquire about sales, please contact our onsite Sales Manager Mark Shackelton