Blue-Con Demolition Services for south-western Ontario

As one of the leading demolition contractors in our part of Ontario, Blue-Con offer a safe, effective and cost-efficient demolition services for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings and complexes.

Demolition: it's all in the planning

Successful demolition starts with careful planning, for maximum effectiveness with minimal disturbance to the locality. At Blue-Con, our experienced staff will visit your site to ensure that the entire demolishing process is conducted to the highest safety standards, and with due regard to neighbouring buildings or homes. They will guide you through all the procedures, environmental and planning requirements and safety issues for a successful and stress-free demolition process.

Demolition and decommissioning

Once an industrial site has been decommissioned, our team carefully assess any remaining hazards before demolition starts. Once the building has been removed, we can also assist with the removal of hazardous or non hazardous waste from the site.

Demolition or dismantling?

Despite the traditional image of demolition, much of our demolishing work is actually dismantling buildings so we can recover and recycle as much material as possible. For commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, we aim to recover and recycle as much building material as possible from brick and steel to asphalt and tiles. Such investment recovery is both eco-friendly and profitable for you the client, as investment recovery sales can greatly offset and sometimes exceed the demolition costs.

In addition, we survey all residential demolition jobs to carefully reclaim any architectural features for reuse.

At our 10 acre site in London, we regularly recycle concrete and asphalt into aggregate, and use recycled materials in new builds and projects whenever possible.

To discuss demolition the Blue-Con way, call us at (519) 659 2400