Hazardous Materials Cleanup and Contaminated Soil Removal

Every building, every plot of land, every home has a history, and for many older industrial and commercial sites, that history may include legacy hazardous materials and contaminants. From asbestos in old fire safety fittings to toxic building materials, these health hazards need to be removed and carefully disposed of to reduce the risk to human health.

At Blue-Con, our demolition and decommissioning team have the experience and insight for the identification and removal of hazardous and non hazardous materials from all types of sites. We conduct an onsite risk assessment before preparing a detailed hazardous materials abatement plan, to manage, contain and remove contaminated materials.

Contaminated Soil Removal

Post-industrial land earmarked for redevelopment may have soil contamination issues, which require professional remediation before development can begin. At Blue-Con, we work with you to identify the contaminant, and devise a plan for their safe removal and disposal that meets all local and national regulations. We then carry out the work with due diligence for public health, safety and the environment, both at the time of removal and into the future.

PCB removal

PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) were used extensively in industry and commerce before their ban in 1979, mainly in electrical equipment and florescent lighting, but also in paints, plastics, dyes and even carbonless copy paper! Long-term waste storage sites can suffer from PCB soil contamination, which ultimately finds it way into the wider environment.

Cleaning hazardous PCBs is a specialized job, which is why Blue-Con were involved in the clean-up of PCB's from Pottersburg Creek. If you think your site is contaminated with PCB waste or similar through illegal dumping, storage or accidental means, call us at (519) 659 2400 for an expert opinion and cost-effective solution