Blue-Con Pipeline, Drainage & Sewer Construction

Blue-Con have an impressive track record in heavy civil construction projects involving large-scale sewer and watermain construction. Our experience and skill in major earthworks make us the first choice for underground pipe work for developers, municipal authorities and partner construction companies alike.

As one on Ontario's leading sewer and watermain contractors, our drainage and sewer installation services include:

  • Deep sewer projects requiring special equipment
  • Water mains and underground pipe laying
  • Subdivision water and sewer installation
  • Specialist sewer construction for commercial and industrial plants
  • Culvert construction and renovation
  • Wastewater drains and septic systems

Blue-Con: major pipelines and water mains

Our major underground pipe and water main projects include the Riverbend Pumping Station and The Elgin Pipeline (City of London), in which we invovled in both design and build. Our lake water pipeline projects for Lake Huron involves groundworks and laying of 7kms of 1200mm dia. pipe, and for Lake Elgin, 15kms of 900 mm dia. pipe.

As part of this work, we have enjoyed good working relationships with a number of civic an, municipal and state authorities, such as the Ontario Clean Water Agency. Blue-Con is also an active member of the Ontario Sewer and Watermain Construction Association.