Ontario Highway and Road Construction from Blue-Con

From municipal roadways and subdivision roads to major overpasses, Blue-Con have the engineering skill and construction talent for any highway, roadway or access road building project. As Ontario road work contractors, we offer excellence both in design, groundwork and construction phases, either as sole or partner contractors.

Our roadworks and road building contractor services include:

  • Major road construction for townships, municipalities, and agencies (see below for some examples)
  • Street construction, renovation and restoration, including curbs, sidewalks, block paving for parking, pedestrian areas, paving repairs, etc
  • Concrete or asphalt access roads
  • Access roads for industrial sites, commercial premises, home developments and subdivisions
  • Digging, grading and other earthworks
  • Bridge and overpass construction & repair

Road construction projects in London, Ontario

If you live in our home city of London Ontario, you might well have driven over our work; we were involved in the construction Ridout Street, plus the reconstruction of Adelaide Street and Wellington Road, all for the City of London.

New Roundabout for the City of London

For the Hale & Trafalgar Overpass, we partnered with McKay-Cocker Construction in a $16million major project that involved road grade separation, rail track overpass construction, a raised roundabout, sewer replacement, water replacement, and a lot of asphalt! The new overpass allows high speed trains to pass underneath, with free-flowing traffic around the roundabut on top of the railbridge. This is the City's London’s first major roundabout, and will be named after Charley Fox, WWII war hero from east London.