Blue-Con understand that every project or development is unique, and as your preferred contractors, it's very much our job to both anticipate and overcome the requirements of the job. So, we offer a complete site services package for municipalities, developers, construction companies, institutions, regional authorities and more.

Our comprehensive contract services for construction and development include:

Excavating & Groundworks

Our excavation experience includes earthmoving and earthworks for local general contractors, land developers, and as principal excavators for local Toyota auto plants. See our earthworks page for more details.   

Servicing for Residential, Commercial & Industrial

Need complete site services provision for your next project, development, subdivision or municipal project? Call us first for competitive tenders an impeccable service, or see our site services page.   


Our demolition team take extra care to ensure every building demolished by Blue-Con is achieved safely, efficiently, and with maximum recycling possibilities.   

Road Building

At Blue-Con, we both build and renovate roads; discover more at our Road construction page.     

Watermain, Storm and Sanitary Sewers

Blue-Con have laid over 22kms of water pipeline for Lakes Huron and Erie alone, and have experience in deep sewer construction and excavation. See our drains & sewer projects page for more details.     

Hazardous & Non Hazardous Material Cleanups

Blue-Con has helped landowners, authorities and commercial enterprises reclaim and cleanup contaminated land. Learn more at our PCB land cleanup page.    

Construction Equipment Rental

Keep your project moving at all times with construction equipment rental from Blue-Con. Contact us first for hire of floats, trucks, dump trailers and more.

Delivery of Topsoil, Sand and Gravel

We deliver top quality top soil for landscaping, building quality sand and gravel - discover the full range at our soil and aggregates page.    

Municipal Projects

We have completed projects for our local municipalities, including London, St Thomas, Woodstock and Strathroy. See more at our municipal construction projects page.

Landscape Improvements

From business park water features to subdivision landscaping, Blue-Con have the skills and equipment to mould the landscape you want with speed and efficiency. See our commercial landscaping page for more details.

Retaining Walls

As specialist suppliers of armour stone in Ontario, trust Blue-Con to protect and retain eroding lakesides, shorelines, riverbanks and culverts.

Call Blue-Con to discuss your site services requirements, or any of our civil engineering services, at (519) 659 2400.