Site Services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects

At Blue-Con, we offer contractors, developers, municipal engineers and planners a complete site servicing package, for 'one-stop' site services contracting in southwest Ontario.

From new housing subdivisions to major industrial sites, Blue-Con has the experienced employees and specialized equipment to provide:

  • Pre-project assistance if required
  • Site preparation, including lot clearing
  • Excavating and earthworks
  • Water main installation
  • Sewer installation
  • Onsite and access road building
  • Post project landscaping and feature construction as required

Complete site services, from first dig to final sign-off

At Blue-Con, we believe that the more we are involved in your project, the better the result. So, we include pre-project assistance in our site servicing contracts offering you inspiration on innovative constructive methods and cost-saving design ideas.

Once on site, we use the latest GPS technology to complete accurate earthworks first time, every time. With these in place more quickly than through traditional manual methods, your project can progress faster and more efficiently through pipe laying and services provision.

If onsite drainage is an issue, our years of hands-on work in culvert construction and riverbank protection enable us to create innovative solutions to drainage issues, and build those solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Our road-building team works within your design and your site's natural landscape to create roads suitable for the site, whether traffic calming roadways in a housing development or heavy duty access for heavy vehicles at an industrial site.

At Blue-Con, when we say we are a complete site servicing contractor, we mean it! To discuss your requirements, call us at (519) 659 2400.